Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Morning....

*YAWN* Oh, sorry.

Did you want to know this? I have mice. YIKES! It took me the longest time to figure out what that noise was. I had a treasured cat pass on back in July of 2007. I had just bought her a brand new bag of cat food. When she died, I was devastated. I didn't do much in the way of grieving, however, because that was overtaken by events. So the cat food sat in the small trash thingie I had been keeping it in for the full 14 years I owned her.

The other night, I heard her take a bite of her food. I immediately smiled, then my heart lurched. "That wasn't her. She died. Then what was it?" Heard some more stuff, like something might be rooting around in a carton or bag or something. But that one bite of food defined for me where things were coming from and what they might be. I was thinking rats, because it just seemed whatever it was must be big.

So yesterday I'm sitting here wrestling with the blog, and I suddenly am overtaken by PRIORITIES (finally for a change) and I get up and go take all my Swiffer stuff off the top and then grab the trash bin and start making for the dumpster out back. I held it out in front of me, and walked as fast as I could, holding this container, complete with cat food, out in front of me. Got to the back door of the building and this SMALL, actually cute looking thing came skittering out of the trash bin, onto the porch out back, and under a doorway (one of the building manager's storage places). BOY THEY MOVE FAST!!

So I throw the rest of the bin -- food and all -- into the dumpster. I was thinking "That mouse would have been in its heyday if it'd just stayed in the bin and found itself in the dumpster."

So the day moves on. Suddenly I'm thinking: "Is it *possible* to have just ONE mouse? I don't think so." I mean, there was a little mouse hole, just like in all the Tom & Jerry cartoons. And I think they've been here a while, because way back before Ki even got sick, she'd sit in front of the kitchen sink and look under the door and perk her ears up. She'd sit in there for hours. I knew, just from the situating of things, that she "had something." She could hear them, or at least had seen them. And I don't know how long ago that was!

So now I need mouse traps. *sigh* I mean, I heard those noises last night, and I had taken the food away, so what were they (was it?) aiming for now? My Swiffer pads?? I went in there and kicked the boxes about ten times, and the sound went away. I need mouse traps. And I can't afford them.


*shaking head at myself*

I'm hopeless....

On another note, here's something I've done, just in case you were wondering when you'd see any of this.


If you like this tag, and would like to do one like it, it's authored by Cat at Insatiable Dreams. That link will take you directly to that specific tutorial. I hope you like!!!

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