Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not So Much Red After All!

Here's my next creation. I'm not so impressed by this one. I'd give it an "average." I have forever tried to use Xero Sparkles and never have been able to figure it out. I kinda-sorta did this time. I think, however, I should have used VM Natural Sparkles instead.

Anyway, this is from Kitt, of Kittz Kreationz. I used her kit called Cherish. Just in case you'd like to wander on over there and give it a try yourself.

You know what? I just thought of something. DUH! Stay tuned for my next post! Here's the tag:

This is most certainly not red, black and white! I happen to LOVE the teal family of colors. I think it's the first time I've used Kathleen Lowe's art. It's available through CILM. I hope you enjoy!

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