Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday from California

Temperatures still in the 80s here. As a matter of fact, it's now 81°, according to my weather thingamajiggy that is an extra for Firefox. Y'all say it's Winter? I dunno...

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. No new tuts today, as I said I'd do. Why? I woke up sick. I didn't realize I was sick, I just got up, made the bed, then laid back down and curled up with pillows. Then I got sick. Icky. I'm recuperating fine, it seems, but I'm still very tired and I find it very difficult to get my mojo going.

Then there's this airplane news from New York. Amazing stuff, but you've just been rattling on and on, Charlie Gibson! You interrupted the soaps on a Thursday (a friend and I mutually agreed back in the 1980s that the *real* important stuff happens on Thursdays)! The people are all safe, the pilot was FANTASTIC, will likely be called a hero, because, hey: That's what he is. But stop with the prattling on and on, and saying everything over and over. It's been reported! Go back to original programming!

On a much more unfortunate note, Steven's mother fell down the stairs Tuesday night. She's done so in the past (Parkinsonism), apparently with bruising but nothing serious. This time, she broke her spine in four places (at least), one such place being in her neck. He says she's 76 years old. He said the neuologist said they advise against surgery. He's (the neurologist) concerned about the weakness of her arms. And apparently she was having trouble breathing. She has had breathing problems for quite a while, and has prescribed oxygen at home. She has solved this problem by always having her head elevated. She can sleep that way. Nobody knows if they have her flat on her back in the bed, and if so, if it's because of the break in her neck that she's not elevated, or what.

Frustratingly, Steven doesn't ask these questions of people who know, to whom he's regularly speaking. He just asks me. I ask him back if he's asked any of the doctors or the social worker and he said he just assumes stuff, so doesn't ask. Drives me nuts. I would like to know the answer. Steven is concerned that she might have a tube down her throat, attached to a respirator. I had just thought she'd have the nasal cannulas, with oxygen. I dunno.

All I know for sure is that family needs positive, healing thoughts and if you believe, prayers. I'd appreciate it if y'all could find a minute in your day to pray for Steven's family in Pennsylvania. Mom's in the hospital, unlikely to walk again. Steven just got home from a very extended stay in various hospitals -- has been home maybe 10 days -- after having his lower leg amputated. The one brother has grown up and is developmentally disabled. And as of last night, he was concerned he'd never see his mother alive again. Poor guy. The third brother is somewhat of an ass. But then, he's the only really able-bodied one in the family. He's constantly being called upon to go somewhere to pick something up for someone in the family. So he stays isolated from them as much as he cans, it seems. I call him the "phantom." Anyway, prayers begged for and appreciatively received.

Other than all that bad news, I've not much to say. I've just spent about an hour or so trying to find the best tube for a scrap challenge I've been given. As a result, I have open about 25 tubes now, minimized in Paint Shop Pro. Then, when it's time for me to add the tube, I'll go shopping within those 25 and hopefully find a good one.

I hate these long, drawn-out tube searches. Happens to me, like, at least 2 times a week.

And ::poof::!!! The soaps are back on! Jessica is apparently going under hypnosis. I hope the truth comes out and Starr's baby will be given back to... Marcie?? Hmm...

Thank you for any prayers, and I promise I'll work on at least one tut tomorrow!!


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