Monday, February 15, 2010

Terms of Use

Two things happened today, February 15, 2010, that have led me to the decision that although I don't, for the most part, use things of my own to create my tutorials, I do need to include a Terms of Use policy on my blog.

This posting is duplicated on my side column, right under my blinkie, which is right under my profile. I thought I should state this in a post, with a label "Terms of Use," for those who might search for such a thing when here.

Groups and sites that are 100% copyright compliant may link to my tutorials if they like. I'm very flattered when I'm asked about this and very excited to be included in groups' activities.

I was asked permission today to include a link to one of my tutorials, and an example of said tutorial was attached with the inquiry. This example had no artist's credit listed. This led me to inspect the group itself. MANY examples of not being copyright compliant were present. I had to refuse permission for that group to link to my tutorials.

The other thing that led me to this decision is that someone looked specifically for my TOU today. I had none listed. "Hmmm, maybe I ought to look into that," thought I.

So here I am. *IF* you are 100% copyright compliant, you are welcomed to link to my tutorials for your groups' activities. You MAY NOT copy them and post them elsewhere. If I find this has been done without my permission, I will take the proper measures to get this stopped.

I have given permission to Jannie's group to translate my tutorials into Dutch. I have had a boo-boo of my own pointed out to me by Ruth, who could not link to me while I had a link to where one might find Animation Shop for free. Shame on me! I thank both of these wonderful women!!

Any questions, drop me a line. I do hope I've been clear!


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