Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out of Commission -- Sorry!


It's beyond my control. My DSL modem went out last Friday afternoon. I was shipped a new modem with all new wires and it still didn't work. Verizon assured me a technician was coming to my house yesterday to fix it, but nobody came. When I called (for the fifth time) this morning, I was given the same run-around as all the other times, so I called cable and a guy is supposed to be out tomorrow to install a cable modem. Supposed to be faster than DSL so maybe it's a good thing all the way around. Only problem is... all my "normal size" (where I say click on the image above to get to the full sized image) tags are on my Verizon account. And my cable company says all I get for web space is 5meg. So, we shall see!!

Being without the Internet for a week has been killing me. I'm currently at an Internet cafe where I'm sure I've worn out my welcome (sifting through all my e-mail thus far).

Please be assured I *HAVE* been writing tuts offline, and have about eight of them to upload once I get back (if???). And I'll get to the blog mail then, too. I did write to one of you....

I miss the ether!!! Pray for my quick return!! I have been. :)



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  1. Sorry to hear this, Kajira! Verizon is getting worse every day with their customer service, but believe me, you will like the Cable soooo much better! Good luck!
    (I just recently found your blog, and I love your tuts!)




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