Monday, February 9, 2009

I Heart You


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This tutorial was written on February 9, 2009, using Paint Shop Pro, version X.03. It should be okay to do with other versions as well. I just find X.03 more comfortable for me. You may download a free trial of Paint Shop Pro, version X2, from Corel. Any similarities between this tut and any others you may see are purely coincidental.

You will also need:

Tube of your choice. I've chosen to use the talented fun pinup artwork of Dominic Marco. You must have a license to use his work. You may purchase that license at CILM.

Animation Shop - at this time, I'm not sure where you can get this program, if you don't already have it. You may, however, save the tut as a static (non-animated) image if you like.

Scrap kit by Yvette of Misfits Scrapz. It's a FTU kit, and I'll repeat my opinion: It's so great to see these girls start doing scraps again! This kit is called Loved Up, and is a part of another Valentine Blog Train called "About Love." Leave Yvette LOTS of love if you download this kit! It's a very comprehensive one, for being part of a blog train. Great kit!

Filter: DSB Flux > Bright Noise

Font: I used Alba Super

Supplies: Just the mask, here!

I don't know where I got this mask. It was picked up along the way. If it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!

[NOTE: There *is* animation on this tag! I guess I've just learned that Fotki won't show animation? I uploaded it there, since the girl's backside would offend those at Photobucket. The heart in the word art is animated with noise. I've just realized that clicking on the image, above, which takes you to the larger example, brings you to the same image I uploaded at Fotki, and the animation is running! So look at that! Click on the image. lol.]

Ready? Let's begin!!

Open your mask in PSP and minimize. Alternatively, you can just load it into your masks file. That way, it's handy when you might want to use it again.

Open a new image, 700 x 650, white.

Open paper18. Copy and paste as new layer.

Apply your mask. Delete mask layer, answer "yes" to the pop-up question, and merge group.

Open Frame3. Copy and paste as new layer. Arrange so the frame heart is right in the middle of the mask heart.

Add your tube and drop shadow.

Highlight frame layer. Grab your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame. Selections > Invert

Now highlight your tube layer. Grab your eraser brush and erase any part of the tube that is below the heart frame. Selections > Select none.

Open MetalRibbon2. Copy and paste as new layer. Positon so the middle blue button is right at the tip of the heart. Drop shadow.

Open RibbonHeart1. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste as new layer, position just over the inside tip of the heart frame, right on top of the blue button we used in the last step. Drop shadow.

Open Sticker1. Resize by 65%. Copy and paste on right side of tube, up toward the top of the frame. I have mine a bit above the right top of the heart. Drop shadow.

Open Flower5. Resize by 50%, then 90%. Copy and paste on left side of heart frame. Drop shadow.

Open Flowers 7, 8 and 9. Resize by 65%. Rotate to the left 10°. Position each one as you prefer, layering them so they look like a good bunch of flowers. Place these below the metal ribbon layer. If any part of the stems are showing underneath, use your selection tool to draw around those and delete. Selections > Select none. Drop shadow your individual flowers. Merge down all three flower layers into one.

Duplicate this layer, and Image > Mirror. Drop shadow again.

Add your name. Add your copyright, license information if applicable, and tagger's/watermark.

Resize tag to your liking. At this point, if you choose to not animate, you're done! If you'd like to animate, onward!


Go back to your word art layer and duplicate twice, for a total of three word art layers. Highlight the bottom layer and

Effects > DSB Flux > Bright noise. Intensity set at 35, and hit "mix."

Go up to the middle word art layer and apply Bright Noise again, this time hitting "mix" a couple of times.

And then on the top word art layer, apply Bright Noise once more, this time hitting "mix" three or four times.

X out the top two word art layers, and make sure the bottom word art layer is open.

Edit > Copy merged

Open Animation Shop, right click on the desktop area and paste as new animation.

Return to PSP and X out the bottom word art layer. Open the middle layer and

Edit > Copy merged

Back to Animation Shop. Edit > Paste > After current frame

Return again to PSP. X out the middle word art layer and open the top

Edit > Copy merged

And again, back to Animation Shop and Edit > Paste > After current frame

View > Animation. I hope you like what you see! Save as .gif and we're done! Easy!

I hope you're having a good day!


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