Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fairy Dust

Original Post:

Please note, I had to take this tut down, as the bling used was identified (Cat from Insatiable Desires made it), and she did not want me to use this animation. It was never my intention to steal work someone else did. I requested in my tut for someone to let me know if the file was theirs so that I could credit them correctly. She replied! And rather insistently! So, this tut no longer lives.

Today's Good News! (March 11, 2009)

Fairy Dust has been resurrected, and is alive and living right here!! A FABULOUS person named Raven made me a new animation just so this tut could live! Let everyone know, it's baaaaaack!!


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  1. Just use another bling and redo it. The tut was cute from the preview...

    Hang in there... accidents happen.




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